Même cochon plus

Même cochon plus

Fruity, smoked, spicy beer

To change from our thirst IPAs, we have created a more complex beer thanks to the addistion of caramel malt bringing in some residual sugars to balance the bold bitterness brought by the large quantity of hops. The infusion of Chipotle pepper, known for its smocky notes, brings a final touch to tickle your tastebuds and boost the aromas of the beer.

Taste the result of the collaboration between the Brewberry bar and your favorite Piggys !


Chili IPA




Water, Barley Malt(Pils, Munich, Carbohemian), Hops (Citra, Amarillo, Summit), Chipotle pepper, Yeast (US05). Contains Gluten. No Aroma.

Food pairing

Barbecue Ribbs / Burger /Vietnamese Food.